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    After waiting a week for a reply from our companies' IT person and not getting anything, I've decided to try this avenue. I have an unlocked/jailbroken 1st gen Iphone running on T-mobile network. I have the Web2go plan and am running on the Internet2 APN with full access. I want to get my work email on my phone but I've only ever used a blackberry for this and setting that up was painless.

    If I go into my Outlook and click on E-mail Accounts and view the existing account it comes up with a Microsoft Exchange Server, so I assume this means I would pick the Exchange Server 0ption on the phone. I put in my email address and password and then it brings up the box to put the Exchange Server in. I inputted the server listed under my email setting (in Outlook) but it always fails to verify the account. I do not know enough about Exchange Servers to know where to go from this point. Is there something that I am missing or need to do differently? Thanks
    2009-01-05 07:15 PM