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  • 4 gig

    59 22.96%
  • 8 gig

    198 77.04%
  1. sterickson's Avatar
    8GB unit for me. As someone mentioned, twice the memory for only an extra $100 was a good deal. Even so, it's virtually full and I wish I could have gotten a 16GB unit.

    2007-07-30 05:19 AM
  2. Lostman's Avatar
    8 gig here also. Just seemed like the smart move.
    2007-08-06 06:25 AM
  3. snuwoods's Avatar
    I think anyone in there right mind would have agreed that 8g is the only choice really....I have around 500 songs, regularly download podcasts and movies and I'm just about out of memory =[

    Do you think they'll ever be able to expand the memory...replacements?
    It's $600, I really don't want to have to buy another just because the new one has 30g. Come on. But I guess I'll have to wait to see.
    2007-08-08 01:38 AM
  4. Bviper's Avatar
    Days before kept telling myself, get the 4 gig, thats all you need...

    Waiting in line kept repeating to myself 4 gig, 4 gig, 4 gig

    Walked into the store being the 5th person inline.... got to the cash register

    Cashier: "So what model you want?"

    Me: "8 gig"

    true story
    2007-08-09 11:36 PM
  5. senas8's Avatar
    8 GIG here as well.
    There is no reason to do something anonymously if it is believed to be legal and it will benefit our rights.
    2007-08-12 09:11 AM
  6. XFaega's Avatar
    8 GIG here also.
    2007-08-12 11:21 AM
  7. ugapug's Avatar
    I HAD the 4gig. Ate 50 bucks today and upped to the 8gig...sigh....
    2007-08-29 05:08 AM
  8. TARAbull's Avatar
    8 gig'd it. my husband wasnt too happy. he thought they were all $499. when i told him $674 after the case and tax, i thought he was gonna have a heart attack. or even worse.
    "common sense is not so common."
    -mark twain
    2007-08-30 05:21 AM
  9. FireRat's Avatar
    8 gig for me
    2007-08-30 01:09 PM
  10. eg6motion's Avatar
    bought the 4GB, mainly because the battery won't last long enough to use more than 4GB of either movies/songs before it has to be charged again...that and I have an 8GB meizu m6 and a 30GB zen floating around for dedicated music
    2007-08-30 03:27 PM
  11. mattj4792's Avatar
    people with the 4gb are dumb!!
    haha no offense.

    i have a 4gb.

    jk. 8
    2007-09-01 10:46 AM
  12. moneysh0t09's Avatar
    8 gigs no other way
    2007-09-01 11:25 AM
  13. EZO's Avatar
    8 gig
    2007-09-01 11:15 PM
  14. EMAGDNIM's Avatar
    Well...I'm thinking about getting the 8GB version since the 4GB seems a little too small media wise for me (on my iPod Video I've got about 5GB in videos)...
    2007-09-02 05:00 PM
  15. OwingsMillsAlex's Avatar
    Purchased two 8GB devices yesterday for me and the wife. Reason was that I wanted us to have room for any media we wanted as well as software updates.
    <--- I'm new so don't hit me just yet.
    2007-09-02 08:10 PM
  16. iphoneroeth's Avatar
    2007-09-04 01:36 AM
  17. lifesmymachine's Avatar
    8 gigs and it's full!
    2007-09-04 05:19 AM
  18. krUnIzZlE3's Avatar
    i got a 4GB, i cant complain when i got my iphone for FREE. im not kiddin either lol

    i got a 4GB iPhone 4 FREEEE

    i just unlocked it completely again after i screwed it up last nite

    but its 100&#37; unlocked. lovin every minute of it..
    im sellin it for $400 and gonna get the 8GB & unlock it. i just wanna hurry b4 the upgrade comes out.
    2007-09-17 04:05 AM
  19. Phionix's Avatar
    8 gig day of price drop
    2007-09-17 05:46 AM
  20. bgattis's Avatar
    8GB on the day of the Price Drop....may be one of the greatest purchases that I have ever made....unless Apple screws with the 3rd Party apps.
    2007-09-20 08:22 PM
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