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    ok, my iphone power button doesn't work so i can't enter DFU mode! i tried using a program that automaticly goes into DFU mode for me, no luck!!! Now it's stuck in the connect to itunes state, recovery mode. So i restored to 2.1 and 2.2 official firmwares and it restored fine but once i pull the cable from it it'll stay on for like 10 seconds and either shuts down completely or reboots and then have all these vertical lines on the screen or to whole screen changes into a different color and stays like that until i plug a charger in, wtf??? is my **** on crack? is it b/c my power button is corrupt or is this a firmware problem? i don't know what the hell is going on!! i tried restoring it to a Custom 2.1 firmware so i can at least have access to the phone but i keep getting different errors!!! 1604, 02 etc...???? tried installing itunes 7.5 but still errors!! i went ahead and bought the whole flex cable that has the power button,headphone jack, vibrate, and volume all bunched together hoping when i get it then i can get into DFU mode? and it will solve everything? is there a diff between DFU mode and Recovery mode? please help i'm really really confused!!!
    2009-01-07 11:52 PM