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    I'm looking for a list of iPhone/iPod Touch apps with subcategories like "password vault", "todo list", "remote login", etc. None of the lists I've found so far:

    iPhone Apps
    Apple - iPhone - App Store and Applications for iPhone
    iAppCat - Apple iPhone & iPod Touch Applications, Installer Source Repositories
    Apple News | | iPhone, iPod, Mac, OS X, More
    iPhone Apps
    iPhone Application and iPod touch Application List
    Monster iPhone - Download | Unlock | Review
    iPhonApps | iPhone Applications
    iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applications Gallery

    have subcategories, nor do they search well. For instance, I searched for "password vault", "password safe", and "password"; the first two strings retrieve few of the password vaults that I'm aware of, and the latter retrieves too many apps, any that mention "password" in their descriptions. Searching in iTunes is no better.

    The ideal would be a spreadsheet, sorted by Apple's main categories - Productivity, Utilities, etc., then by subcategories, with columns for rating, price, number of downloads, and home URL. (A similar list for web apps would be useful too.) Or, a search that works would do.

    For as popular as the iPhone / iPod Touch are, I'm surprised how difficult it is to find the apps I'd like to buy.

    (Feel free to reply directly to me, [email protected], as I don't frequent this forum.)
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