1. dukeisrn's Avatar
    hey anybody got info,links suggestions or anything on how to take a picture you already have and make into a icon for the iphone. seen plenty on making icons from scratch but none using a picture you already have. also kinda new at this got adobe photoshop cs a few days ago so still a newbbie any help or suggestions greatly appreciated,
    2009-01-12 07:25 AM
  2. dethseeker90's Avatar
    just cut the part of the pic u want to use as the icon
    paste it into a new photoshop docutment
    then go to
    the image menu
    image size
    and size it down to the pixels of an icon
    then save it as a .PNG
    name it the name of the app
    u wish to change the icon of
    ssh into the phone
    go to the app directory
    backup the apps icon
    and drag and drop your icon into teh folder
    if u got a
    "file already exists replace?"
    thing you did it right
    after that
    respring and u should be done
    2009-01-12 07:30 AM