1. michaeltwentyfour's Avatar
    So PDA net just came out with version 1.50 and you can tether your iphone via usb....it works great for windows xp, ive just been having problems with windows vista....anyone have a fix or any ideas? i have downloaded the phone and desktop software and it says its connected the browser just doesent work with vista....
    2009-01-12 09:04 AM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    1-Be sure you check the 'obtain an ip address automatically' box.
    2-Be sure the comp. ip address is equal to iphone's ip address.
    3-Be sure wifi adapter is not in power saving mode.
    4-Just use 'forget this network' resetup&connect again.
    5-Maybe you can change the channel number of your computer's WiFi adapter to use a different value.
    6-Try to run a continuous ping like "ping -t www.google.com" to keep the network busy&see if that helps.
    7-If you use 3G,try to open the Weather app on the iPhone&see if the signal icon turns into "3G" on your iPhone.If the Weather app fails to update eventually then something is wrong with either the WiFi settings or the data signal...
    2009-01-12 01:55 PM