1. dkallan's Avatar
    As many of you probably know, the iPhone stores the audio files for Visual Voicemail locally for offline playback.

    These exist as numbered AMR audio files in the /private/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail directory. If you transfer these files to your Mac, they can be played back natively through QuickTime Player.

    AT&T now seems to purge voicemail messages older than one month, so if you need to save voicemail for archival purposes, you can copy these files from your iPhone.

    I wrote a simple script last year that generates friendly filenames for these AMR files, making it much easier to organize archived voicemail messages. This script runs locally on your iPhone and requires that you have awk and the sqlite3 command line installed through Cydia.

    I have attached it here in case it proves helpful to you.

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    2009-01-14 06:39 PM
  2. mike west's Avatar
    i assume there is no way a voicemail can be retreived once cleared by my provider
    2009-02-03 11:18 AM
  3. dkallan's Avatar
    This reply only comes 14 months too late, but to be completely specific, you can archive any voicemail whose AMR file exists on your iPhone, regardless of what your carrier has done on their voicemail system. Odds are, if your carrier archives or purges the voicemail, it will disappear from your iPhone not long after, but not necessarily, and especially not if you are offline.
    2010-04-07 07:39 PM