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    I am one of the guys who made the PwnZone/PwnCenter. We are OPEN!.

    Ware unique in many ways to other repos. With the PwnZone, you can customize. You make an account and you can upload packages instead of emailing them. With the automated system, we can put the package on the repo in a very short time compared to other hosts, as we are constantly watching for packages. You can edit your packages live, upload screenshots, etc. We give details stats, like how many people are viewing a package in Cydia, and download stats that update in real-time (like other hosts).

    Besides packages, its a good place to be with friends, as you can become friends with other users, send them messages, and view their profile and edit yours. We will even have live chat with your friends soon!

    So yeah, thats why the site is worth using. You get the same features of other hosts, and more.

    LINK: The PwnZone Repository
    2009-01-18 05:38 PM