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    After some restoration tests I have found that my actual firmware is fine, it's just that at the point where I choose which phone file to restore from (aka the file that has my contacts, etc), my phone restores it then goes to the black screen with a silver apple. I see a flower type thing, which happens when something is loading, but it is right on top of the apple and vibrates ever 5 seconds or so. If anyone has a solution to this or at least a way for me to find the actual file where my contacts are so I can move them to my phone, I would be very happy.

    Thanks in advance

    hmm, as I was typing this I think I figured it out, to an extent.

    What I did was choose to make a new iphone file, or profile, whatever you want to call it, and had it sync all my contacts which, luckily, were on my mac.

    If anyone has this problem I hope this helps.
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    Sometimes one iphone version backup is not compatible with other firmware versions. But if you set it up as a new iphone, and you have all of your info synced from your phone, it is pretty ease to restore the phone with all of your music, ringtones, pics, contacts, etc.
    2008-03-04 06:50 AM