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    I wanted to get some insight on achieving this. I have some left over auto paint from when I painted my CD5.

    The color is a matte black. I also have Lexus White. I wanted to paint an extra bezel I had lying around. Should I sand the chrome paint off the bezel or is the whole bezel made of chrome?

    I purchased 2 MMi Blue back housings and want to match it up with either Matte Black or Lexus White (Leaning more towards the black)

    If I go with the Matte Black (No shine, basically like a primer) how do I protect it? Is it safe to spray like a clear coat over it?

    Here are the visuals:

    Example of Matte Black:

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    2009-01-24 10:09 PM
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    wow that blue looks so nice. I think it would look great if you used the white instead of the black. More of a shine
    2009-01-24 10:54 PM
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    gQstatus05 please check your PM's.
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    I'd go with the Black. It'll look more like what I think it would if Apple produced that color (which they should).

    The white wouldn't mesh up so well to me.
    2009-01-27 06:19 AM
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    I was thinking black because it gets darker towards the rim of the back housing if you could see in the picture. Now I have to figure out how to protect it so with a clear coat or something.

    TruckerBear PM me again, I deleted my PMs by mistake b/c they get full on a day to day basis.
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    2009-01-27 12:04 PM