1. imraan's Avatar
    I relized that my vibrate button is loose and I'm unable to use it.
    I took the phone to apple, but even after restoring it they were able to tell it was unlocked and are unable to help me

    What should I do, I can't get the phone to ONLY vibrate or go on silent. Through settings.

    I was thining about opening it up? or Is there an app I can dl?
    2008-03-04 11:53 AM
  2. at004's Avatar
    ok i have a kind of a solution for u...this is what i do since i take my iphone with me to places i am not allowed to and i dont trust that silent button!!!

    download the required files from here replace $ with s

    for the ringtone u will lose ur original xylophone and will have a muted xylophone
    so that when u want u choose the ringtone xylophone which has no sound and the phone vibrates normally!!!

    go to winscp from library ---ringtones replace the original file with the one i gave u.... u can rename it to any available ringtone on ur phone to replace!

    and for the sms just choose none!!

    and for safety lower ur iphone's ringer volume

    good luck
    2008-03-04 02:34 PM