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    I'm trying to create my own iPhone repo. My college campus has a public server that were all free to use. To access your respective directory simply add a ~+Username tothe end of the colleges URL

    so for instance my directory is www.sitename.com/~MrBucket101/repo/

    I've set everything up correctly from compiling the DEB files to creating the release. and Packages file. Everything should work.

    Since the keyboard to add repos in cydia does not have a "~" on it. I went into /etc/apt/sources.d and created MrBucket101.list in which it contains deb http://sitename.com/~MrBucket101/repo/

    Cydia acknowleges something is there. I say something b/c my repos custom name does not show up but instead my colleges domain is used.

    Can the iPhone use repos with a ~ in it? Or did I **** up somewhere

    I ended up using one of my old domains and forwarding the domain to my repo URL, and when i properly add the URL in cydia. I get the error POSIX: connection refused.

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