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    I'm in the process of building a breakout box with audio connections for my iphone so that i can connect the outputs and inputs via rca/1/4"/xlr or whatever else i choose.

    most importantly i'd like to be able to connect to the audio input of the iphone using whichever mic i please.

    i'd like to experiment with stereo input recording with the iphone as well as a battery power source and possibly video out.

    i've googled and ebay'd for about 45 min now and i can't seem to find a source that sells either a cable with all 30 pins wired or a male connector. i need the option to easily connect lots of pins of my ideas work out. something with a spreader board is obviously preferred as i dont have the skills to solder those pins in so closely

    and i want to spend as little as possible. so hacking a cable is totally fine if its cheaper than buying the male connector itself.

    if i can use an older dock and do the dremel/shaving hack that would be cool too. i'd need someone to verify that all those pins can be hacked into easily

    2009-01-30 12:10 PM
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    Hey, I'm aware that this is over 2 years old now!, but some more info might come in handy for other passer-by's. ^_^

    The best little source I have found for all 30-pin soldered and connected dock connectors are the small black + white iPhone docks with audio out, you find these on ebay for around $3. Break it open (screws live under the rubber matting on the base), and you're presented with a great, and relatively easy to mod PCB.

    Here's an example on eBay:
    Line Out Port White Charger Sync Dock for iPhone 4 4G | eBay


    I have also found that these sites have helped me with the dock pinouts:

    This one is a generic dock connector pinout for most iPods/iphones, and shows some more pin details:
    Apple iPod, iPhone (2g, 3g), iPad Dock connector pinout and wiring @ pinouts.ru

    However this one is specifically for the iPhone, and has some different pinout details, and is also missing some crucial ones:
    Apple iPhone (1G, 3G, 3GS, 4) Dock connector pinout and wiring @ pinouts.ru

    I have also found this site, where someone posts a schematic of tying the Pin 21 (Apple Accessory Protocol pin) to ground via a 500Kohm resistor, and mentions the TxD and RxD (iPhone sending line and receiving line), but it is quite vague about where to go next?



    I also wonder if using pins 8,9,10 (Component Video Pb, Component Video Y, Component Video Pr) respectively, would simply work?, I need to try soldering some AV cables to these pins, and see if the Cydia app "Tvout2" will simply allow it to work?

    Anyone else had any luck with a homemade DIY video cable for the iPhone 3G?

    The Audio out is simple enough, either tie pin 21 to ground through a 68Kohm Resistor, (or just tie pin 11 to GND?), and then tap off pins 3 and 4 to use as audio R and L outputs.

    I'm also interested in pins 5 and 6, to use as Line-In pins R and L respectively.

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    Hi sylphhawkins,

    Just stubled here from google search 'iphone connector male'.
    Thanks for leaving the above post, found a similar thing on ebay and its on its way.
    I'm just starting out with iphone developing.
    How are/did your projects go?
    2012-07-11 09:41 PM