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    so my wifi is sporadic at its best moments, but mostly non existent, and i'm using it currently on two other computers- its an airport extreme router that is set up perfectly, as are all devices- ive rechecked so many times its unreal- im using a basic WEP- have also used macfilters, and same problems- i noticed this problem starting after my 2.1 update, then with the 2.2 update it just got horrible- although it did work long enough for me to SSH themes and ROMs- but shortly thereafter disappeared to sporadically return for fleeting moments-

    iphone doesnt connect in known areas, doesnt even pull up networks most of the time- i know others have experienced the same issues-
    and many have reported that restoring is ineffective-

    some have reported success by going back to 1.1.4 then back to 2.2- but that seems excessive, especially for a maybe-

    i dont want to restore, if i can avoid it- nor do i want to try to deal with an apple store- im praying it isnt hardware- but the online warranty site says im good for a few more months.

    im on tmobile with 2.2, and a 1st gen 8g

    any help?
    happiness is a warm iphone~~~~
    2009-01-31 12:21 AM
  2. cricketlang's Avatar
    i had to restore. it fixed it for me. wifi seems to be a common issue with the jailbreak process....for me anyways
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    2009-01-31 02:30 AM