1. maju25's Avatar

    Im just wondering if anyone knows what the Baseband update does/means?
    My phone was 1.1.1 when I bought it and I have done all the upgrades after that, i.e. Im at 2.2 now and think that the wireless "strength" or reach has gone down since 1.1.1.

    (Actually had a 1.0.2 iPhone first, but it got (not sure how...) dropped in my (new) table aquarium.... Had just managed to do the first ever unlock and jailbreake, and IT wasnt that easy back then! Was very proud of myself, 3 days later, Aquarium death... )

    Does this have something to do with basband??? (Baseband not bl--dy aquarium!)

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you iPhone-Dev Team! Youre just awesome!
    2009-01-31 04:14 AM
  2. DJSMITH's Avatar
    The baseband is the chip that controls all the GSM and 3G phone RF waves.. When apple updates it, they update parts of the code on the chip and unfortunately disables an unlock
    2009-01-31 04:32 AM
  3. Broomhead's Avatar
    Problems with your signal can be related to baseband.

    Baseband, This generic name for the chip and software that controls the radio functions of your iPhone (Phone, WiFi and Bluetooth and LocateMe). An iPhone baseband is what locks the phone to a single carrier. Baseband upgrades take place with virtually every firmware update, each update to the firmware fixes a bug or alters something, every update needs to be repatched by hackers in order to unlock the phone, obviously taking up time. This could be assumed as Apple's way to stem the flow of people who unlock the phone.
    2009-01-31 04:37 AM