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    so heres my issue. i have an original iphone on 2.2 jailbroken. I have zero free space and currently about 320mb of other. my problem is i only had 240 "other" yesterday and zero free space. I wanted free space to use the app store so i deleted about 40 mb of songs from my iphone. while my phone was still pluggged in i synced it and it deleted it and said i had 40 mb of free space. however next tiem i plugged in my iphone the 40 mb of free space was gone and the "other" had increased by 40 mb. I tryed deleting another 30mb butnext time i plugged it in i have zero frree sppace and 30mb more of other space. so basicly all the space i free becomes "other" instead of free space.
    does anyone wknow how to fix this issue?
    2009-02-04 04:31 PM