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  1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    *3001#12345#* is field test mode.

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    2007-07-12 09:19 PM
  2. editwizard's Avatar
    Yeah pf I just stumbled upon the field test mode too... haven't actually tried it, why would I want to? I mean, it works - so why should I test it?
    2007-07-14 04:55 AM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Ha, its cool because you can see which towers you are connecting to, as well as the strength of each. Fun to see.

    You can change your carrier text.
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    2007-07-14 09:19 PM
  4. pfb's Avatar
    On the iPhone, ascii and hex WEP passwords are entered into the same input field.

    If you don't put a "$" or "0x" in front of a hex password, the iPhone will assume it ascii instead of hex, and not properly connect...
    2007-07-18 12:50 AM
  5. madison's Avatar
    I Cucusoft DVD + Video to iPhone Converter Suite at
    It is powerful .
    2007-07-19 12:55 PM
  6. Kaos2800's Avatar
    From the iPhone home menu bring up Camera Roll. Then connect your phone to the usb cable. XP will bring up the photo/scanner dialog box and will allow you to select which pictures to download. No more e-mailing photos for me!


    Ok sorry, i just forgot to reload the services.plost file. Therefor every time I connected Windows it thought the phone was a camera and asked to download the photos.
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    2007-07-20 02:47 PM
  7. Junkers's Avatar
    if you carress the phone just right it will say "Thank You"
    2007-07-20 08:39 PM
  8. Telp's Avatar
    Hey, i found mine did that too...
    2007-07-22 11:34 PM
  9. p9939068's Avatar
    I found something I believe many people may not know. You can delete videos the same way you delete emails: slide to the left/right, and click Delete.
    2007-07-23 08:54 AM
  10. erikromero10's Avatar
    I found something I believe many people may not know. You can delete videos the same way you delete emails: slide to the left/right, and click Delete.

    Cool... but how do I delete photo albums???

    Under 3 listings under photo albums: Camera Roll, Photo Library, iPhone Pics. I can go into each folder to view pictures but I can only delete pics from Camera Roll folder. I can't delete pictures from the other two folders OR I cant even delete the folders themselves. Anyone know how to?
    2007-07-23 02:27 PM
  11. itb165's Avatar
    idk if its in here but in the springboard there is cingular att vodaphone and tmobile carrier logos....i have no idea why...hmm
    2007-08-06 04:18 PM
  12. lifesmymachine's Avatar
    In CoverFlow mode for your music, if you tap the absolute upper-left pixel on the display, you enter file-browsing mode where you can move/delete your music and photos.
    had me trying it until I saw your edit haha
    2007-08-08 09:06 AM
  13. santfekuss's Avatar
    Just unlocked mine, thanks to this site :-) It also works in-car with the Dension iPod connector. I have one fitted in my Audi A2 which is hard-wired into the headunit via cd changer. Music plays fine, as you would expect, and when you want to make or when you recieve a call, the music cuts out and you can take it in your bluetooth headset, I use the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV700 , end the call and the music fades back in
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    2007-09-13 05:08 PM
  14. woodekm's Avatar
    Not as much a tip or trick but kinda cool.

    I've been taking pictures of logos and signs for places I have ph numbers to. For example I took a picture with my phone of the Acura symbol on my car (rear) and associated it with the Acura repair /dealer I have in my phone. I took pictures of the logos on the front of to-go menus for all the restauraunts I call and order out. I then associate them with the corresponding numbers in my phone. The best thing is after you associate the pics with numbers, you can delete the pic out of the "camera roll" and they stay associated with their numbers (dont know WHERE they reside in the phone, but it cool not to have a bunch of unwanted pics in the phone just to have the logo).

    Best buy, Circuit city, Hooters, The Apple symbol on my iPhone box, Att symbol from my bill.,,,,, Its just kind of neat to have a symbol next to the business phone number. Hell, I even took a pic of the sign out front of my bank for their logo. I kinda went crazy (sad).

    It doesnt matter if the pic doesnt come out perfect because a) its tiny up there next to the ph number, b) you can adjust it before you set it and c) the business probably never calls you so it wont pop up real big and look bad.

    Just another thing I have done with this thing I'm obsessed with (sad again).
    2007-09-13 11:47 PM
  15. claptrap's Avatar
    i assume this is known, but because it's not listed here:

    i am smitten with the fact that i can hook my iphone into the aux in jack on my car stereo and not only play the ipod (as any mp3 player can connect in this way) but also that the music fades out when a call comes in and i can hear the caller through the car speakers and speak normally and the caller can hear me. no need for an additional headset. rad.
    2007-09-14 12:00 AM
  16. rhylos's Avatar
    Streaming Audio to regular Bluetooth!!!

    Prob a bug that Apple hopefully won't fix.

    If you go to voicemail with an assoicated bluetooth earpiece and select the audio source you wish to listen to when playing back a voicemail then home button to Ipod and listen to music or video it will play the audio in both the phone speaker and earpiece even if your earpiece isn't rated for streaming audio at least on a plantronics. Put the phone in your pocket and enjoy the music in your ear!!!
    2007-09-18 02:47 AM
  17. hewito's Avatar
    i ttried to use my ipod cable,the one the goes in the car,has audio and video but is not compatible with the Iphone,wich one is the one that is compatible???
    2007-09-21 12:19 AM
  18. cruid's Avatar
    Depends what deck you are using... There are different ipod accesorries for every deck but, I have found that some decks do not work at all. There just is some missing compatibility for some reason.

    Post your manufacture/model maybe I could help.

    I just got mine working with my Eclipse AVN7000 with the IPC-106 (ipod adapter).
    This is just another thread that I created about my stereo problems and conclusions. It's still a work in progress but I would love if there could be an area just for Iphone Car Entertainment or something along those lines associating, Bluetooth hook ups, Car Stereos for IPod, and possible in the future TV-Out for certain decks such as the possibility of the AVN7000 because you can actually watch TV or a DVD on it.

    I actually did this twice but have yet to find out how I did it both those times...
    I was sitting in my car listening to my iphone music and I went to Safari for a second and then went back over to my ipod section after pushing the home button and all of the sudden I was able to select what songs and albums I wanted to listen to with out having to see that stupid Accessory screen.. I'll up date everyone more on this when I actually figure out how I accomplished this 2 times. haha

    And the reason why the music fades out from your Car Stereo is the same concept when it's not connected to the stereo.. If you're listening to your ipod with headphones or through the speaker and you recieve/make a phone call your music automatically fades out/in when your done with the call. It's nothing special with the stereo system.

    I think that I'm going to try to buy an A/V Ipod cable and see what happens here since I finally got it to work through the IPC-106. I would love to hear my phone calls through my stereo system when I'm driving and use a bluetooth mic to speak to them but then again wouldn't the person you're speaking to hear themselves from the speaker output reaching that bluetooth mic? I dunno just an idea.
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    2007-09-22 10:04 PM
  19. bookmark's Avatar
    show your iphone where they don't have it yet... e.g. italy, austria..

    you'll get lots of hot chics hanging on your neck
    2007-09-23 02:09 AM
  20. lollypop's Avatar
    anyone care to share how to remove the brackets in the call list?
    as in the 1st 3 numbers will be bracket.
    i'm kinda been put-off my it.
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    2007-09-23 09:06 PM
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