1. mortician's Avatar
    Greetings all, I am looking for a little help please, I downloaded an app from cydia called " Death Dealer " it changes all your icons wich i like but there is no pic on the springboard behind the icons, is there a way to use my own pic ?? when I appy my own pic and set as wall paper it wont work ?? is there a way to use the app and my pic at the same time ?? hope this makes sence...

    Regards, Mortician
    2009-02-11 04:17 AM
  2. bteamer's Avatar
    Download Winterboard, apply the wallpaper you want in Settings, then open winterboard and check User Wallpaper
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    2009-02-11 04:19 AM
  3. mortician's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, I did as you said and still no luck ?? hope I am not doing something wrong ??

    Regards, Mortician
    2009-02-11 04:29 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    make sure it is checked inside winterboard
    2009-02-11 05:44 AM
  5. mortician's Avatar
    Ok how about this ?? can I use my own pic as a dialer for the phone ??

    Regards, Mortician
    2009-02-11 05:56 AM