1. Stephenstudios's Avatar
    I can't exactly remember where I heard it on this forum, but that with software updates, the iPhone may be able to access hidden features such as pre-installed hardware that you can't use until the update. So like the EDGE, it may already be in the phone but you won't be able to use it yet until a software update comes for it to make it work on your phone.. Would that be possible? Would it also be possible that more memory is installed on the iphone and then one day an update comes around and all of a sudden 8GB turns to a 50 GB? Anyone think this is possible, and if so what do you think may be hidden in the phone?
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    2007-07-02 06:06 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Memory nope. 3G chipset could be there already, and a firmware update would enable it. Memory is not physically feasible.

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    2007-07-02 07:07 PM
  3. Stephenstudios's Avatar
    Interesting...sorry what I mean't to say was that there is 50 GB already installed but you can only use 8GB of it.. and then when the update comes around it lets you use the rest of the memory.
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    2007-07-02 08:09 PM
  4. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Right, but I'm saying nope. Because its flash based memory, and so it would have to be INCREDIBLY expensive to have that much flash memory in there, or it would have to have an actual drive in there, which it doesn't, as we've seen from the few sites that have disassembled it.

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    2007-07-02 08:13 PM
  5. TomFrost's Avatar
    Just a note, 3G takes an entirely different antenna than what's used for GSM or Wifi, and there is no 3G antenna in the phone -- much less the hardware to run it. Sorry to dash your hopes! Apple's already released that they'd like to put that feature into the second generation iPhone though.

    You're right that Apple will be releasing more features as we go, though -- but those features would have to be programmed and then sent to our phones through iTunes to appear -- like IM or MMS. It's not that they're already in the phone and someone needs to unlock them, they're not even there or programmed yet!
    2007-07-02 08:53 PM
  6. JedixJarf's Avatar
    How can you tell that there is no 3g antenna in the phone? by taking apart many phones in my lifetime, I noticed that the 3G antenna is in the same antenna for GSM.

    And a 50 GB flash chip? that would be a WHOLE LOT OF DOUGH!
    2007-07-02 10:00 PM