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    Hi there, I JUST got my iPhone (1.1.4 fully unlocked), and I want to know if there is a way to fix the issue when someone from my contacts call, that it ACTUALLY shows the person's name, not just the number... I live in Canada, so " +1 " then the number appears, but no name...

    Going through a crap load of other threads, it appears as though there has been a fix to this, called "phone # to name fix"... something like that... and I followed the steps to get it from the iPhone Installer, but 1.1.4 doesn't support it and it wouldn't download...

    Another person had the same issue (using 1.1.3) and someone wrote a response that seemed to work for everyone that responded to the thread...

    the person wrote:



    you will need
    1>PhoneNumber Dynamic Library
    2>Phone Number Templates

    readme file for more details

    if your country is not listed on the Phone Number Templates then you will need to add it by decomposing the country 's number formats


    I went to that link and it has a bunch of files to download (one specifically for 1.1.4) and a read me file that tells you how to modify a txt file or something like that from your iPhone files, and to add your country code, then it should work no problem...

    But I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET THE IPHONE MOUNTED ON MY MAC!! Is there an easy way to modify the files from my iPhone from my computer? Because it appears that everyone seems to know how to do this, and am I the only one confused?

    If someone knows the simplest way for me to fix the caller issue with 1.1.4, that would be great, but if it's not that simple, can someone please give me DETAILED instructions how to mount my iPhone onto my mac so I can follow that person's steps to get this problem fixed!

    ANY help would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

    Thanks for your time!

    2008-03-05 10:54 AM
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    Hi this is the second and most important issue that iv noticed with the iphone contacts. The first problem is the missing 'narrow-down' contacts search available in WM5 and WM6. The number appearing instead of name of contact is an equally serious issue. I am not looking forward to re-editing all my 1540 contacts once again by excluding the country code (then the contact name shows), and will appreciate if anyone can provide some help in this reagrd.
    2008-04-12 06:11 PM