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    Alight guys well i have done a bunch of reading and the new itunes update(7.4.1) doesn't allow you to make ring-tones any more well guess what there is a way around it to still put ring-tones on your phone(For Free). I used INdependence to jailbreak the phone then after that and installing the SSN/ not sure if you need that part or not but anyway i then went to customize then went to ringtones/settings then click add. Then add the ring-tone or music file from your itunes library to your phone. Now if it is a music file that you bought on itunes then there is an extra step because when you are using independence program and under the customize tab as said about you will see that some of your purchased music is not allowed to be selected only burned music from a cd or downloaded from some other place. The way to get the purchased music onto the iphone for a ring-tone you must first exit the independce program and go to you hard-drive and click music/itunes then find the song file you want. After finding the song right click it and select the (get info) option, once that is open scroll down till is shows you the name of the song where you can edit it. E.X (in my place.m4p) you then want to delete the (p) and replace it the letter (a) so (in my place.m4a). Now the music file is unprotected you now can follow the same steps as above using INdependence program/custimize/ringtone/system/add and find the song you just modified and you will now be able to add it. Let me know if you have any questions or if the directions are unclear. enjoy!!!!
    2007-09-13 04:38 AM