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  1. hemad's Avatar
    hi. I'm new to the community. hello.

    I succesfully configured my iPhone for google sync and love it, but have a problem with my caller Id pictures.

    I searched for info on this everywhere

    the images went from the entire screen to a small image at the top of the screen. I guess it's just linking the image from my google contacts online but either way I want the entire screen again! anyone know of a fix?

    oh, I'm on a 8gig 1st gen iPhone jb with pwnage on a mac. currently running 2.2.1 and have 3rd party apps including ********** winterboard and catagories, if that helps.
    2009-02-18 03:22 PM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    if you have images in your google contects then it might have synced it that way

    just readjust them the way you want
    2009-02-18 10:04 PM
  3. Pcpro745's Avatar
    Mine seem to be working just fine ive been using it since it came out
    2009-02-18 10:55 PM