1. MimiHo's Avatar
    I just upgraded from 1.1.4 to 2.2.1. I thought this would help to fix my Mail problem which apparently has occured. Dunno the reason why. Everytime I add an account in Mail Setting folder, it stays for a while and dissappears as soon as I close Mail Setting folder up. Accessing to Mail, there is no sign of an account that I just created. Therefore, lately everytime I wanna check mail, I have to go to Sarafi to log on yahoomail page. So sad!

    Does anybody have the same problem? Can u guys help me out?

    Thanks in advance,
    Mimi Ho
    2009-02-19 03:49 AM
  2. TheOrioles33's Avatar
    Did you jailbrake and then restore an old backup from a previous firmware? I heard of strange things happening when doing that.
    2009-02-19 03:50 AM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    I would try a clean DFU restore... set up as NEW in iTunes. What kind of mail account are you trying to set up? The only reason it would disappear is if the settings failed and the account set up was not finalized.
    2009-02-19 03:52 AM
  4. MimiHo's Avatar
    Well, just normal yahoo and gmail that I check everywhere and everytime I get a chance. Believe me or not, one day I woke up and i checked mails as usual, and it just didn't work. U know, the Mail icon next to Phone icon on the iPhone, we check our mails through that icon. Mine was just a page that has many options include Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, AOL... and when I enter my account information, a blank page appears and nothing happens. Same in Mail Setting folder, add many accounts as I used to check, as soon as I finish, they are all dissappear. That's weird! I never had this problem before. It happened couple of days ago when I still used 1.1.4. i thought it could be fixed when I upgrade a new version, but it didn't. Everything is the same. And I can't check my mail anymore. ;-(
    2009-02-19 05:20 AM
  5. dejawoo's Avatar
    I think your mail app is corrupted.So its time to restore...
    2009-02-19 02:35 PM
  6. MimiHo's Avatar
    I just upgraded my phone couple of days before, I have to restore it?
    What should I do? Has anybody had the same problem?
    2009-02-20 05:34 PM
  7. nighthawk311's Avatar
    Just do what Poseidon79 said. Do a clean DFU restore and set it up as NEW in iTunes.
    2009-02-20 06:10 PM