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    Well, my first post, and it's already a negative one.

    So far I have owned several Ipods, including a touch. Now I own an Iphone 3g. My problem is with the line out on the iphone. I have an Ipod adapter kit for my car, that plugs into the accessory output on the Iphone (Charging plug). My music sounds HORRIBLE. I have never heard so much distortion in my life. So I start playing around with Itunes, and find that if I change the Volume under Album info/Options, and turn it down REALLY low, it sounds good in the car. HOWEVER. I also purchased a set of S9 Motorola Bluetooth Headphones which requires a bluetooth adapter, (Plugs into the same accessory port), the music is WAY TOO quiet then.

    I cannot find a sweet spot with this line out. I was told I should not have to adjust anything. That this PRE-Out so to say is better than the headphone jack. NEGATIVE.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the sound of my MP3's, so that I can use my accessories? I find it awefully hard to believe that I can use my Old HTC phone with the bluetooth headphones and listen to my MP3's without a hitch. Yet this HIGHTECH Iphone here sounds horrible? Something is not right.

    Oh yeah, I already played around with the sound check, so that can be counted out.
    2009-02-20 03:26 PM
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    sounds as if some of you accessories are not completly compatiable with the iphone. older car gear is usually always a tad iffy but i know how you feel with the supposedly super phone
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2009-02-26 05:29 AM