1. farahm2's Avatar
    Hey people, i finally got that iphone i was talking about yesterday. So i have a little problem. When i plug my iphone into the computer, nothing really happens. It starts to charge but that's pretty much it. nothing is happening in iTunes. How do i fix this? My iphone is used and jailbroken. I was can it be the jailbroken part thats messing it up?


    Other than that, the iphone is working great. I JUST NEED TO CONNECT IT TO ITUNES!!!!
    2009-02-24 09:19 PM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    1st be sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to use iTunes and iPhone.
    Be sure the computer's drivers are up to date
    Check USB Connections.iPhone requires USB 2.0 to function properly.
    Apple Mobile Device Support must be installed
    Reinstall iTunes...
    2009-02-25 01:08 AM
  3. farahm2's Avatar
    Hey, just want to let everyone know that this problem has been solved and the problem was in fact in itunes rather than the iphone itself. The reason i thought uninstalling itunes didnt work is because the first time i uninstalled it, parts of the program were still left over on my computer. You have to make sure that you FULLY uninstall it by searching for itunes on your computer and then deleting all the files you come up with.

    2009-02-25 12:35 PM