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    I finally took the plunge and started the process of upgrading my 1.0.2 iPhone (unlocked using anySIM) to 1.1.4. I virginized using the app available from i.unlock.no on Installer. I then went to restore to 1.1.4 using iTunes (planning to use ZiPhone after that). Alas: "An unknown error occurred (1403)"!

    I've looked around online but haven't found too much that applies directly to this situation (and e.g. a suggestion of putting the .ipsw file directly into the iPhone Software Updates directory didn't help). Maybe I missed it, though. I'm using iTunes 7.6.1 on a dual PowerMac G5 running OS 10.5.1 (but the issue seems to recur on other machines, including my new MacBook Air). Any ideas on how to proceed?
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