1. Shupey's Avatar
    i have iReal sms and sometimes it decided to not close... i can press the home button twice to make the ipod pop up but wen i press home buttom to exit ipod ireal is right there again. it wont close... only way i can find out is if i hook it up to my computer. any help?
    2009-02-25 07:37 AM
  2. inasar's Avatar
    Have the same problem. The app is quite annoying in that.
    Also I have the notifier widget installed and the widget doesnt show new SMS notifications. Weird.
    2009-03-06 06:04 AM
  3. stereosympathy's Avatar
    did you actually purchase a license for the app? I bought the license and have never had any issues. App always closes, runs in the background perfectly and notifier always does it's thing.
    2009-03-06 06:47 AM