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    ever since jailbreaking my iphone a few days ago. ive had alot of fun. adding games to NES changing everthing around. but ive noticed these invisible bookmarks on the first page of my iphone. only reason i noticed them is i had to move my icons around. i was able to delete them and they just keep coming back. at all times i have atleast 4 of them on there. when i click on them it takes me to: http:dezign999.com really wierd looking site and when i go to delete them now it crash my springboard ever single time. its really starting to piss me off. has anyone else had this problem? and if so how did you fix it? is there anyway i can hook my iphone up to my comp and remove them thru iphone tunnel or WinSCP?
    2009-02-25 06:28 PM
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    do you have the Blackberryy Impressions theme installed????

    im willing to bet you do and if that is the case then those "blank" icons are basically spacers so that you can position the icons with space at the top to show the clock and stuff just like the blackberry storm or bold.

    i know this because I installed that theme a while back and had those blank icons and didnt know what they were at first until i had googled them

    basically the only way to remove them is to SSH into the phone or use iphonebrowser app to go into that theme's folder and find and delete the blank icons
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    2009-02-26 03:43 AM