1. supaivan's Avatar
    need help here. once i connect my iphone (fw 2.2.1) to my comp (windows xp) thru usb, my comp turns into blue screen. previously it never happened until i installed yellowsnow from cydia. i already removed the yellowsnow package n also other packages in cydia but its still the same. anyone knows why is it like that and is there any solution to this? if this goes on i cant connect my iphone to my comp forever!! n i cant bring it back to the dealer cos its jb-ed. pls help.. thanks in advance!
    2009-02-27 06:40 AM
  2. h3lmig's Avatar
    I have never tried to get blue screen before while connecting, but try connect your phone to another computer and restore it. I have tried to get some errors om my computer when i was connecting my phone, and they were solved by using another computer. After you have restored on another computer, the try connect it to ur own. I hope it works
    2009-02-27 09:58 AM
  3. supaivan's Avatar
    hey thanks for the help. problem solved already. its the photos in my iphone that crash my system. after removing the photos it worked. thanks buddy
    2009-02-27 01:41 PM