1. r1994augusto's Avatar
    2009-02-28 11:19 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    this is not news... Thread moved
    2009-02-28 11:20 PM
  3. JStraitiff's Avatar
    dont you dare buy that!!!

    650 dollars is a rip off

    you can buy a bran new one for 500 from apple... if you need it unlocked just have a friend buy it on their plan and then cancel it

    also there are a whole bunch for like 300 here in the B/S/T section
    2009-02-28 11:55 PM
  4. stereosympathy's Avatar
    Thats really expensive and not worth it.
    2009-03-01 01:30 AM
  5. cpjr's Avatar
    To answer your original question though.....member since 1999 w/ 100% positive feedback, I wouldnt worry to much.
    2009-03-01 02:26 AM
  6. r1994augusto's Avatar
    thanks for the ad.
    i've been reading this article and
    having a friend buying it on their plan is the solution

    How To: Get an iPhone 3G for $199… Without Contract! (Updated) | PhoneNews.com
    2009-03-01 04:16 PM