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    Okay to do this your going to need a JB'd iPhone, Cydia, WinterBoard, and an SSH client of some sort (or a way to view your iPhones files)

    1. Download short sounds
    2. For the "Unlock" noise the file name is "unlock.caf", so just name the sound you have that.
    3. For a list of useful sound names go to my website, available on my profile
    4. Then, make a folder called "_________.theme" (whatever you want)
    5. Then in that folder make a folder called "UISounds"
    6. And place your re-named sound files in there.
    7. Then drag the main folder into LIBRARY->THEMES
    8. And use Winterboard to activate it!
    9. And your done

    Go to my website for a full list of sound names!!
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    good tutorial!!

    nice for beginers
    2009-03-01 05:34 AM