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    I hope this is the right forum for this, im new to these forums, and i had a question with my iPhone.

    Basically, i have my 3G iphone in a silicon case with a plastic protector covering that. I also have the standard screen protector ( 3 for $10 from AT&T )
    Well, it took a dive into an inch of water. It was in a cup so only the top part got wet, but with my case, that means the headphone is exposed.

    So, after letting it dry and looking everything over, i only have one major problem. The sleep button. My sleep button is being weird. Every so often ( in the case its more prevalent ) ill be asked to power off my iPhone without even pressing the sleep button. And sometimes if the phone is locked, it will just shut completely off so id have to turn it back on.

    When music is playing this really isnt a problem, and last night i had it charging and it stayed on i guess because my alarm worked.
    But after it locks and it shuts down, every so often afterwards it will try to turn back on, so i get the apple symbol for about 8-12 seconds.

    Now since it works while im doing something on the iphone i wouldnt really mind it, but if im waiting for a call, then it can be annoying.

    Also, my camera has moisture in there, how do i get it out?

    Any suggestions on how i can fix this?
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    2009-03-02 06:21 PM
  2. Miro89's Avatar
    for a call, the iphone opens the screen by itself so u can press answer or decline so what exactly do u have a problem with?
    2009-03-02 07:26 PM
  3. ShadowDXDragon's Avatar
    i have a problem with keeping the phone on itself. If im just leaving it off on the side it will turn itself off. If im charging it, then it will also stay on, but if im on the road somewhere i want to be able to get a call. And if my iphone is off, i wont get the call.

    So i want to know how to fix my sleep button, or at least know if it is the sleep button. But i figure it is, because earlier, whenever i hit the home button i would screen capture so i knew the sleep button was being pressed. But i pushed the sleep button up a little and that fixed that problem, but it still shuts off when my phone is idle.
    2009-03-02 07:48 PM
  4. Miro89's Avatar
    oh ok, ur only option is to open it up and see whats the problem.
    2009-03-03 07:29 PM