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    So, already I'm getting a TON of attention from people wanting to see my iPhone.. share your best stories here!

    I'll start:

    • Got a haircut today. Talked to my hair lady as she was shampooing my hair about my iPhone, and when she finishes, her hands dripping wet, she reaches out and says "hey, so let me play with it!". Geez.
    • Radioshack was the best. Went looking for something to let me plug a set of headphones in. Nerdiest guy in the world was working, and asked me to see it... then went off LITERALLY for 5 minutes straight about how Apple was a horrible brand and the iPhone would never go anywhere and listed to me all his reasons why he thought so. I could care less, and told him so a couple times, but he REALLY wanted to tell me how much he hated Apple and all their products. I bought him a hooker and left.
    • Wife saw me on TV while I was waiting in line. I got interviewed. My face on our 50 inch screen at home. She likes me on TV. The evening went well.
    • Looked at cars today... 4 sales guys in their 50's wanting to look at pics of my life. yay.

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    2007-07-03 05:18 AM
  2. Criss's Avatar
    i didn't buy a belt clip or holster on the first day, and i refuse to put it in my pocket with my keys so i just carry it around thus leading me to intentionally set it in front of people a lot at cash registers.

    • Was at the local Backyard Burger and set it on my table with my girl while I went to wash my hands. Come back and the guy had brought our food, and asked what I do for a living. So I told him, and then he says "it would take me a month of pay to afford that phone".
    • Set it on the counter at the movie theater and the lady goes "is that one of those new iPhones". So I tell her it is, and then she tries to play with it for 10 minutes making me late for the movie. (at least I missed the previews)
    • Two guys at work were debating over purchasing one and didn't go on iDay, so I let them play with mine on Monday. Needless to say it only took 5 minutes each to make up both their minds.

    (will update as i get more)
    2007-07-03 03:36 PM