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    first off great forum/site here very informative

    ok so i bought an old iphone 4gb from a friend
    i believe he had it unlocked and jailbroken bcuz i can use it in trinidad
    it has the installer app etc.
    i want to know if i can plug it in to itunes upload music an pictures to my phone without it locking back up in any way
    i'm a big noob usin itunes so what version of itunes (if specific) do i need and what steps do i take to ensure all goes well wen uploadin to my phone with no lock up
    i really havent interfered with the phone except some basic ringtone uploads usin an ftp manager
    oh yea if needed i'm runin f/ware 1.1.3 an modem f/ware 04.03.13_G
    2009-03-04 07:51 AM
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    The phone won't recognize the computer that it was origionally synced with. Because you have an iPhone 2g, I would suggest making sure you have the newest version of iTunes. Then restore the phone to the newest firmware (2.2.1).

    Once you do that, download quickpwn. It will quickly and easily unlock/jailbreak your phone, and you'll have all the benefits of the newest firmware.
    2009-03-04 07:55 AM
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    is it possible the phone was never used in itunes
    and what would happen if i plugged it in??
    or anyway around the firmware updating?
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    2009-03-04 08:50 AM
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    Even if the phone was never synced with another iTunes, the phone has been activated, so it will think it has.

    You can restore your phone to the same firmware you already have if you really wanted to stay on 1.1.3, and then just jailbreak/unlock from there.
    2009-03-04 10:14 AM
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    What OS are you using (PC or Mac)?

    Here's a guide anyway..... CLICK HERE
    2009-03-04 11:25 AM
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    thanks guys i decided to just do the upgrade to 2.2i'm wondering if i can upgrade straight from 1.1.3 to 2.2
    and which guide do u recommend?
    i'm runing vista 64
    do i have to do anything about my baseband
    would this one work
    How To Upgrade In iTunes | iPhone News, Help and Guides
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    2009-03-04 06:40 PM
  7. Piazza331's Avatar
    You can upgrade from 1.1.3 strait to 2.2.1

    Just plug it into iTunes, and let it update. After that, any of the guides should help you get jailbroken/unlocked easily.

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    2009-03-05 04:14 AM