1. n0m0n's Avatar
    I downloaded a few movies via iTunes, and I cant seem to be able to find where they were downloaded to on my PC.
    I searched and searched.
    I also searched this forum and found were they are downloaded on the iPhone but not the PC so I did try that first.
    Can anyone direct me to which folder they are in?
    I checked the iTunes Music folder but they weren't there.
    2009-03-05 03:50 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    If you downloaded them via iTunes they should be on the [Movies] tab. Then you can right click on the movie and click "Show in Windows Explorer" to show where they are stored.
    If they are not in the Movies tab, you didn't download them via iTunes.
    2009-03-05 04:39 PM
  3. n0m0n's Avatar
    Thanks I found them finally.
    Is there anyway for me to convert them to my Blackberry Storm?
    I want to using them on my iPhone as well as my Storm at this time and would like them on both.

    2009-03-05 04:57 PM