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    I just jailbroke my phone a few nights ago and im having a great time with it. Thanks to everyone for the help btw..

    I use smb and I have downloaded some themes. Ive noticed only a few of them work. They will show up in my list but no theme will pop up and it shows my wallpaper as the background and default icons. I have found a few great ones that do work but is it because of 1.4 that smb isnt working 100%?
    2008-03-06 05:23 PM
  2. calounet's Avatar
    Same issue with my new 1.1.4 (16G).
    Themes can't be changed. They are listed but do not upload. Summerboard comes back using the "standard" themes, removing the new selected one.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
    2008-04-09 09:16 AM
  3. D3VIL™'s Avatar
    try downloading 1.1.3/4 Theme Fix under All Packages from Installer.

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    2008-04-09 11:23 AM
  4. morphiusrt's Avatar
    i got mobilefinder and realized that some themes are not set to execute for some reason the theme fix didn't fix it either.

    heres what you do....

    In mobile finder go to

    than hit up in the top left corner

    double tap library

    scroll down to summerboard... double tap

    double tap themes (find the theme you want to work and highlight it(dont double tap)

    tap modify and you need to highlight exec in owner, group and everyone than hit done

    than double tap your theme, do the same as stated above to (change to exec) icons, wallpaper, dock and mini dock (some themes don't use all these)

    reset your springboard (shut completely off or change your theme through summerboard)


    ps: i use categories so alot of my icons are not in themes so i double tap icons and change the name of the icons to match mine. ex. highlight "Stocks" tap modify and change the filename to "iPod" (alot of ipod touch themes don't include ipod) make sure you type it exactly the same as it appears on your home screen uppercase matters, also make sure the ".png" is still there also

    i think there are some extra steps that don't really do anything but i just do it that way cuz it works
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    2008-04-09 01:52 PM