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    I have an AVIC D3 in a 2007 Dodge 2500 Mega Cab with the 6.7 diesel, connected to my 8GB first gen iPhone via the BTB200 bluetooth module, as well as the CD1200 cable from Pioneer.
    iPhone firmware 2.something, I updated it recently.
    The iPod functionality is great, the bluetooth connection is fine once I registered it on the D3, but the charging function of the CD1200 cable is sporadic, very random. Sometimes I plug it in and it charges fine, sometimes not at all, even after several more tries by unplug/replug.
    Today, it wouldn't charge, then I cued up a song from the iPhone and as it started to play, the charging started also. Like it was jumpstarted by using the iPod function or something. I can't see a pattern with the glitch, but it is happening more often than not.

    I'm not entirely sure I'm looking in the right direction for answers by coming here. It may not be a problem with the iPhone , the CD1200 cable, or the D3, because another random thing that happens with this truck is that I will have absolutely no audio occasionally when I start it. Can't get sound from the Sirius tuner, iPhone, bluetooth, nothing. I called the installer immediately the first time it happened, (which was the next time I had to start the truck after leaving his shop) and he replied that he "didn't really know the answer, sometimes the new Dodge vehicles are very finicky about compatibility with aftermarket electronics, due to the fact that the ECM actually involves the factory stereo in the pathway for its communications. This requires the use of a certain module to allow an aftermarket stereo to be installed, and it's not always flawless". I paraphrased him somewhat but to make a long story short, he suggested I pull over, kill it and restart. Which I did, and it restored the audio, and has been my inconvenient go around ever since. :roll:

    So, if anyone has any insight to this situation, I'd love to hear it. I'm not totally buying the installer's line, but he doesn't appear to be able to fix it, so I'm on my own here. Thanks.
    2009-03-16 04:14 AM