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    I'd ask, but I'm a registered dev.

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    2009-03-21 03:29 AM
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    Ok, anyone from the UK - please see my new thread:


    it shows how to enable tethering + MMS on the O2 network in the UK.

    i havent fully tested it all yet as i dont have time but the options are on my phone now.
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    2009-03-21 01:56 PM
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    dude, getting anything on 16k credit at 20 is crazy!

    if anyone on othe sites is bashing you dont let it get you down, just stop helping on that site. not once in this thread has anyone disbelived you

    MMi is a lovely crowd

    would like to say thanks again for your help, i've just dropped another 10$ into your paypal. can you reserve me a place on your list in the future, possibly for 4.0 beta etc etc.? if i get the new iPhone in the summer can you transfer that one onto it etc? You get my point.

    also guys, if you send the money as a 'GIFT' then there is NO paypal fees.

    all the best darkrom

    Thanks. I appreciate it so much. I will keep you on the list as long as I am a dev

    The car was actually more like 22k, but I owe 16k still. I have a decent job, but I did not account for medical issues which you can never plan for. That OR the clutch that is now gone

    Thats very good to know about the gift thing. I hope everyone does that from now on!

    Thanks so much it really is appreciated.

    Updated the first post.

    I noticed that at least one other user is doing this now...

    I hope he is trustworthy for all of you who decide to message him about it. I took the time to provide guides and information and correct all of the misinformation on the forums, and have provided you with help when needed. Things like this make me question whether or not I will be giving to the community like this. I show a method and offer it to allow everyone else to test 3.0 legally, and other people steal it, even before all of my slots are gone no less!

    I can not tell you how much this disappoints me. If this is my reward for putting so much effort in, I more than likely will not be doing anything like this in the future. I hope to at least sell the rest of my slots. With other members using my method to activate and charging for it, I will not have enough interest to go forward with my plans that would have allowed me to bring in at least 500 members and get them all added. I am sorry, but due to apparent competition I will not be able to do that.

    I am not sure what else to say since I am just in disbelief right now. I will continue to fill the rest of my slots for anyone who feels like being loyal to the person that made this all possible and simple for you all.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Sorry to everyone else who is going to be hurt in the future by this competition.
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    2009-03-21 09:04 PM
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    To clear this up I am still doing this...I just don't appreciate what has been happening.

    Wow I can't believe users are trusting ebay members to do this for them.

    So what happens when they add you then remove you then sell the same slot you just bought and those 100 slots become more like unlimited numbers?

    Anyway I'd like to finish off the rest of mine at least.
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    2009-03-24 03:29 PM
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    I'm very interested, and am willing to pay.

    How do I pay?
    2009-03-24 04:30 PM
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    Have MAC OSX 10.5.6 or aMAC Book slim? You have a problem entering DFU mode. Here is an easy fix from the dev-team blog:


    same stuff happened to me dude, try this.
    Easiest way I've found is to simply use a USB hub
    2009-03-24 09:44 PM
  7. darkrom's Avatar
    USB hub FTW.

    You can't take away DFU apple :P
    2009-03-25 08:29 PM
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    It works excellent, thank you!
    2009-03-25 10:49 PM
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    hey do you still have slots left?
    2009-03-26 01:23 AM
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    BUMP the original post has been edited to include number of slots left.

    The price is the same for now, but I will be raising it soon to compete with all the other people doing this for $10 on ebay and $15 other places.

    I am almost out of slots people. I have used almost 100% of my used slots on this site, so you know I am trustworthy
    2009-03-26 02:55 PM
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    Sorry to bump this old thread, but can I still use my slot which I bought from darkrom for the beta 4.0 which was just released?

    Nevermind, lol. I just realized that i`m not using the same iphone, so my current id is not registered :-)
    2010-04-08 09:15 PM
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    Sorry to bump this old thread, but can I still use my slot which I bought from darkrom for the beta 4.0 which was just released?
    You bumped a thread that was over a year old? You need to PM the member and ask him directly.
    2010-04-08 09:17 PM
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