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    UPDATE 3/23/09: 30 slots left. At 10 slots left they are going to be $10 a piece, so don't miss out! I will update this every time it drops by 5 or 10 or so. I told you they wouldn't last long

    I am a registered Apple Dev and I just want to correct some issues I have with the misinformation going around. First of all you CAN downgrade back to 2.2.1 easily. There are guides but all you need to do is restore to 2.2.1 in DFU mode in windows, then when itunes gives you an error message just press ok and reboot the phone (just a regular power off and power on). Then quickpwn 2.2.1 as normal. DONE. I have done this several times myself and it is confirmed.

    Second you do NOT have to be a dev to be able to sync properly with 3.0 on a 3g online or offline with itunes. All you need to do is know a dev (like me) who will charge you $5 and add your UDID to their list of 100 devices. PLEASE NOTE: All I will do is add your UDID to my devices list and you will be able to sync. I will NOT send you even a single byte of data, so you have to already have obtained your own copy of the firmware by other means. have done this for several users and 100% of them have reported back the ability to use 3.0 exactly like I can and I am a legal Apple Registered developer. MODS/ADMINS: I will do this for you free of charge to prevent anyone from calling me a scammer or something like that. The first 3 (EDIT: ALL not just the 1st 3 ) staff memebers to PM me with their UDID (as long as at least one is an admin) will get a free UDID slot on my devices list and will be able to sync 3.0 with itunes properly. This way not only do I have a chance to show you that this method is real and not a scam, but I consider it a little gift to those of you running this site if you are interested. Enjoy it on me

    UPDATE: Here is a very helpful link on how to find your UDID #.


    Any questions just post here and I will give you answers based on what I have actually done many many times, not just something I read and started posting around the internet rumor mill.

    Thanks and I hope this helps clear up some info. I just don't like seeing incorrect information out there.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that each developer is allowed 100 devices total in the Apple Developer Portal. I have used a few, but there are plenty of them out there. If an ADMIN ONLY (sorry mods but this isn't for you ) could PM me I do have an offer. If its not PF then hopefully some other admin who thinks they have close to as much power as him will do :P

    Thanks for reading. If you don't believe me and think I am scamming just wait until I give a staff member this great chance. I understand why people would be skeptical, but it is not a scam and I would greatly appreciate it if you could refrain from jumping the gun and calling me a scammer. That is why the offer is in place to the mods.


    The UDID feature was created so you could distribute ADHOC apps to people who want to beta test for you. I am legally allowed to add whoever I want to my UDID list. Since I am not distributing any of Apple's material at all (remember I don't send you squat including and especially the firmware itself because thats illegal) this is legal. It is legal to charge and I have seen other devs charging $10 and up to add someone to their UDID.

    When you downgrade your iphone 3g to 2.2.1 you will be on the 3.0 baseband (4.20) which I have used for a full day on 2.2.1 without any problems at all. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK. There is currently no way to downgrade the baseband and you will need to wait to see when and IF they are able to unlock the 3.0 baseband. My money is on yes they will eventually, but if you need to unlock your 3g then DO NOT DO THIS because you will not be able to until they find a way and you will be SOL.

    To summarize: If you don't need to unlock your 3g (AT&T Users) then you can upgrade your baseband and not worry about a thing. That's what I did.

    IF YOU NEED TO UNLOCK YOUR 3G DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.0 until the pwnage tool is released in the summer when the firmware will be released to the people who are not lucky enough to get their UDID's added before then.

    UPDATE 3/20/09:
    Due to a very unfortunate family health situation and the scam that is health insurance, I am asking anyone to donate a little extra if they can.

    I am simply ASKING for a little extra, the minimum to have me do it is $5 still. I am not going to turn down a $5 request, but I hope at least a few people can give some more than that to help me out. If you think I am lying then go ahead and continue to donate $5. If you believe me and still want to donate $5 thats fine as well. However, I would definitely appreciate any extra donations that can come my way as we could really use them right now. There is no bonus or anything like that, but it would really be appreciated. If not I will still try to fill every last slot with a minimum payment of $5. Thanks for your understanding.

    I will be creating a thread with this info and posting it somewhere. I hope the mod's will take me up on my offer so people stop believing rumors that are very easily proven false.
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    2009-03-19 02:14 PM
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    thanks for the info, appreciate it
    2009-03-19 02:17 PM
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    Just waiting for the 1st mod who jumped on this to post his results for you to all believe since no one will believe me until that happens. Enjoy!
    2009-03-19 03:15 PM
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    When you use the update option instead of the restore one, and you already got your iPhone 3G jailbroken on 2.2.1(so not unlocked with yellowsnow), can you still use the jailbreak programs like winterboard?

    If thats the case, and the iphone is still activated and jailbroken after the update it would be great.
    2009-03-19 04:19 PM
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    You can never use the update option. Even me being an Apple dev I still need to install the 3.0 firmware by shift and restore and selecting the 3.0 firmware file manually.

    Once you are on 3.0 there is no way to use the jailbroken apps unless you downgrade to 2.2.1.

    There is NO jailbreak for 3.0 yet, it has only been confirmed to be possible. The jailbreak dev team might be jailbroken, but they tend to not release the jailbreak until the firmware is public and I don't blame them.

    I hope that helps.
    2009-03-19 04:40 PM
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    I just updated to 3.0 and the phone rebooted already activated on ATT. No jailbreak apps but everything else is functioning. MMS, landscape mail, search, etc...

    Will be attempting the downgrade a bit later.
    2009-03-19 04:54 PM
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    So now for everyone who is telling me it doesn't work or they don't believe me they can sit on 2.2.1 i dont care lol.
    2009-03-19 05:07 PM
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    wats UDID?? plz forgive my ignorance
    2009-03-19 05:10 PM
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    How do we get in contact with you for payment and to send UDID?

    2009-03-19 06:25 PM
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    I added a link to make it even easier to find your UDID.

    iPhone 101: Find UDID with a single click

    2009-03-19 06:40 PM
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    Downgrade successful, however I did this on my Macbook running OSX 10.5.5. For some reason Quickpwn woould not recognize the iphone but this could have been my error as I kept dismissing the error message before opening quickpwn. However...

    I used Pwnage to create a custom firmware and all was successful.

    3.0 LIES corrected by an Apple Dev!-screenshot_3_0.jpg

    Upgraded at 10:38 AM - activated on ATT 5 bars

    3.0 LIES corrected by an Apple Dev!-screenshot_2.2.1_b.jpg

    Downgraded at 12:56 PM activated running 2.2.1 with modem firmware 4.20.01
    2009-03-19 07:12 PM
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    Just upgraded to 3.0, no problems, had itunes error reconnected iphone and activated through itunes. WORKS
    2009-03-19 07:22 PM
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    See... I told you so :P

    First come first serve, just PM me if interested.
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    2009-03-19 07:29 PM
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    I'll never understand the need to go to a firmware just "to do it" and downgrade right back down and go through reloading your phone all over again. When it comes out the jailbreak will as well and it can all be done properly at once. If it were jailbroken, I could see the attractiveness.
    2009-03-19 08:24 PM
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    Works, Thanks Darkrom.

    Have AT&T, did it on a Macbook in OSX 10.5.6 with all updates.
    I held option and clicked restore to install the firmware.

    Note: Had EmotiFun installed, so that I could use emotions in 2.2.1. Emotions still work with 3.0.
    This beta OS seems very stable, but I have just had 30 minutes to play with.
    2009-03-19 08:27 PM
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    I'll never understand the need to go to a firmware just "to do it" and downgrade right back down and go through reloading your phone all over again. When it comes out the jailbreak will as well and it can all be done properly at once. If it were jailbroken, I could see the attractiveness.
    Curiosity is a strong force. That and a boring rainy day where I had been planning on doing outside work.
    2009-03-19 08:35 PM
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    LOL! I hear that's how america got it's 4th, 7th, and 13th serial killers.
    2009-03-19 08:37 PM
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    Glad you guys are liking it. Damn was it hard to earn trust on this site haha. Anyway I'll be doing it till I'm full.
    2009-03-19 09:49 PM
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    LOL! I hear that's how america got it's 4th, 7th, and 13th serial killers.
    And you actually are keeping track of that. Makes one think...
    2009-03-19 09:58 PM
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    Some paid attention in class, some didn't
    2009-03-19 10:10 PM
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