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    I Just bought the iPhone and want to get the most out of it. A buddy of mine helped me hack my phone via PwnageTool. Me being a noob I went Cydia app happy... downloaded all kinds of stuff and ended up with a phone that lagged like a mofo.

    Through Cydia I installed SBSettings and it worked great. I changed the battery icon to number view. Then I wanted to try out Vibrus. I didn't like it so I wanted to uninstall it through Cydia. It appeared to delete it from my phone but when I went to type again it was STILL VIBRATING. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling again no luck. I tried installing and turning off all the settings but it didn't work.

    So I thought its best for me to Restore back to the factory settings and start from scratch. In iTunes I hit restore and don't restore from back up. After everything was done... everything appeared to be back to normal... except for the battery icon still showing in the numbers view. I then decide to erase and restore from the iPhone settings ( yeah the one that took an hour ) and it smells like new again.

    I wanted to ask you guys:

    1) Would apps created for spring board cause problems for winterboard?

    2) Is there a difference between selecting restore from iTunes and erase and restore from the settings menu in the iPhone?

    btw: I am running OSX 10.5.6 Itunes 8.1(50)
    2009-03-20 05:06 AM