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  1. Calab's Avatar
    When I'm not roaming around, my iPhone 3G is always sitting in it's dock. There's nothing worse than your battery going dead when you need it most.

    Unfortunately, all my docks (third party) have audio output jacks. This means that I don't get any audio from the phone when it's sitting in the dock, including clock alarms and appointment reminders.

    I am going to crack open one of my docks and see if I can disconnect the wiring related to audio to try and get my alert sounds back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? What pins on the dock should I be looking for? etc...
    2009-03-20 07:38 AM
  2. Calab's Avatar

    So far the only data that I've found says to disconnect pin 11 from ground. I've done that but the dock still disables the speaker on the iPhone.

    I'm trying to use the iPhone as an alarm clock. It works fine directly connected to my charging cable, but when mounted on my dock all audio is disabled.

    What I've tried so far:

    - Disconnecting pin 3 and 4 (Right/Left out) from the amplifier circuit on the dock.
    - Disconnecting the accessory indicator signal from pin 21 on the dock.
    - Breaking the ground connection from pin 11 on the dock.

    Each of these makes no difference. iPhone still charges and speaker is still disabled.
    2009-03-31 01:11 AM
  3. StealthBravo's Avatar
    i would be interested in this also.
    2009-03-31 01:42 AM
  4. Simtech's Avatar
    My standard iPhone dock does not disable the phones speaker.
    2009-03-31 01:42 AM
  5. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Mine does and it is annoying
    2009-03-31 01:46 AM
  6. Simtech's Avatar
    Do you have an audio chord plugged into the output port?
    2009-03-31 01:49 AM
  7. Calab's Avatar
    Do you have an audio chord plugged into the output port?
    Nothing in the audio port.
    2009-03-31 02:07 AM
  8. Simtech's Avatar
    Have you tried an original dock? Mine doesn't do this.
    2009-03-31 07:00 PM
  9. one1's Avatar
    The dock pins each control the iphone. One of the dock pins is to re-route audio. All you have to do is remove that dock pin from the dock (not the phone, you'll need it later for something). There ARE schematics for the 3g dock on the web that show the pin to remove by looking for the pin you need to pull out of the aftermarket dock. Just google for the schematic and fin the pin that you need to cut out of the dock.
    Iíve been here almost 12 years, 10k posts, 1100 thanks. I donít need post approval.
    2009-04-01 01:26 AM
  10. jpap's Avatar
    I disconnected pin 21 to do this.

    As described here, pin 21 indicates to the device that it is connencted to a dock where it should redirect audio. It was wired to resistor and ground on my 3rd party dock. There were two screws underneath the rubber footing to open.

    A very easy operation, and it worked like a charm!

    2011-10-11 12:24 AM

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