1. Fubie's Avatar
    Hello all,

    My 3G is 2.2.1 Jailbroken and has been wiped and re JB twice to see if it would fix my following issue. It has not been corrected.

    About 20% of the time when making calls my screen goes blank and will only come back on by shaking the phone and even then it will only come back on for a half a second or so. If I'm quick I can push a button and then it stays on.

    Has anyone seen this or solved it?

    Thanks for any help!
    2009-03-21 05:55 PM
  2. S550Benz's Avatar
    Maybe 1 of the wires in your iPhone isnt connected too good because I took mine a part and I think the number 2 wire thing wasnt connect too good and I pressed the sleep wake button and the screen was just all white... but I dont really know if that would be the problem for your phone maybe try blowing through the dock connecter
    2009-03-21 06:39 PM
  3. Fubie's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.

    It seems that it's not only me with the issue. A friend who is also JB with 2.2.1 and he has the same issue.
    2009-03-22 05:12 PM
  4. Gajet's Avatar
    You haven't got a poor fitting cover affecting the proximity sensor?
    2009-03-22 08:37 PM
  5. cpjr's Avatar
    Yeah, its not the software if you have to physically "shake" the phone. Its a hardware issue, namely as stated above...the proximity sensor.
    2009-03-22 09:03 PM
  6. Fubie's Avatar
    There is no cover on the phone at all.

    And this is confirmed on 2 phones now.
    2009-03-22 09:14 PM
  7. reeko's Avatar
    is your finger covering the proximity sensor? do you understand that the proximity sensor deliberately turns the screen off if anything gets close to it (i.e. your ear) to save battery life.

    in a nutshell, your screen is supposed to go blank during a call if the proximity sensor senses anything.
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