1. durrson's Avatar

    I'm brand new, and as always, noob's have problems , the issue I'm having is explained in the title really,

    In my Cydia "Manage" section, I only have a list of the sources I have and not the Applications I've downloaded.

    My Apps still work, but I want to un-install one or two of them which I can't do since I need them to display in the Manage section before I have the options available to un-install them.

    I've re-installed Cydia to see if they would help but it didn't..

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and how did you resolve it?


    2009-03-22 03:11 PM
  2. vollnov's Avatar
    I haven't ever encountered that problem, but you might have to get a backup and restore your iPhone. That always fixes things
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    2009-03-23 12:38 AM
  3. savageboredom's Avatar
    When you go to the manage screen, there should be three options: packaes, sources, and storage. If you're sent directly to sources, take a peek in the top left corner for a back arrow that should take you back to the menu.

    If not, there is a roundabout way of doing things.

    Go to search, and type in the name of the package you want. Select it as you normally would, but now you should notice that the button on the top right should say "modify" instead of "install." Tap that and you should be all set.
    2009-03-23 07:28 AM