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    So I bought a 3g from a guy online a month ago (right after 2.2.1 as released) and he accidentally had upgraded it. I figured I would wait for the unlock or just buy an adapter.

    Well I finally broke down and bought an adapter and find out the phone itself doesn't work no matter what I do including borrowing a sim card from an ATT customer.

    Figured it was time to call Apple and see what I could do. Spoke with the rep on the phone and told them all the steps I took to check the phone. They finally told me I had a few options
    -Advanced replace for 29.99 (they send me a phone and then I send mine back with a prepaid box)
    -Make an apointment at a local apple store.
    -Go to hell

    Naturally I choose option 2 and went to my local apple store.

    After fighting with them because I didn't have a sim card and they wouldn't let me take a brand new phone out of the store unactivated I finally got it.

    I get home with a brand new 16g iphone and get ready to pwn it so I can use my sim card adapter and find out it has firmware 2.1 on it.

    So I upgraded to 2.2, pwned, and ate some yellowsnow and I am sitting pretty.

    long story short: Bought a broken iphone on firmware 2.2.1, got it replaced from apple with a brand new one that had firmware 2.1
    2009-03-22 06:56 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    haha, Don't love it when things work out
    2009-03-22 06:59 PM