1. silent1643's Avatar
    just got my 3g in and wondering what i need to do in order to upgrade from 2g to 3g

    i plan on selling off my cracked 2g but want it wipped out of all personal data
    2009-03-24 11:34 PM
  2. dancin_smurf's Avatar
    Thats an easy one mate!
    Just restore it... Then when it asks just label it as new instead of restoring from backup...
    Now if your referring to the at&t part i'm not 100% sure about that part of the switch I'm an ebay fan...
    anything else I can help u with mate?
    I just want a hand UP!!! Not a hand out!!!
    2009-03-24 11:46 PM
  3. silent1643's Avatar
    Do I take out the sim from the 2g before I sell it off?
    My 3g came with a new sim from AT&T
    2009-03-25 12:32 AM