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    Hello all, i'm new to this so i apologize in advance. I can not transfer my contacts over from my old sim to new phone i went to AT T and they loaded my files on my flash memory as a pbb file, now how do i get it over to itunes or on the phone directly, im having no luck!! Also cant set up hotmail on phone tried using izymail to no avail, please help!

    Any Help would be Def appreciated, Please someone
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    2007-07-04 06:57 PM
  2. Atrocity's Avatar
    Try this. Found on another forum

    1. Download the Cellebrite Content Manager from
    2. Extract and open the program
    3. select Contacts > Open Phonebook
    4. select the .pbb file
    5. select Contacts > Export and select either Outlook or Outlook Express

    Then go to Itunes, connect your Iphone, click the info tab, select the Contacts and Calendar buttons and choose Sync.
    2007-07-04 10:48 PM
  3. DLEITE13's Avatar
    thanks but cant open see attached

    its saying folder is invalid
    2007-07-05 12:45 AM
  4. Atrocity's Avatar
    I believe the file is compressed in .zip format. Windows XP should recognize this file and be able to extract contents. If not, download WinZip from and see if that works. If still no luck. Be sure to check out Apple's online forums. They have lots of listed FAQ's. Someone is bound to have run into this same problem. If I find anything out I'll post back to let you know.
    2007-07-05 06:21 AM