1. mrjay187's Avatar

    Do i do know that is posted like 100 times lol but i didnt see the andswer that i wanted lol

    So this is how it goes i am from canada and i drove down to the US got a iphone got home unlocked it and the volume is so low

    i cant hear nothing no one on speaker it works fine but the handheld is very very low

    So what i wanted to know is this a hardware or software problem

    Is there gona be a new firmware to fix this??

    or can i order a new part and pop it in my self

    2007-09-16 12:18 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    This is how the iPhone is. Meant to be used with headphones, or held to your ear. And yes, when held to your ear while on a call, it IS pretty quiet.

    No fix yet.

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    2007-09-18 06:43 AM