1. ElGriton's Avatar
    I had to restore my phone last night and didn't have the time to rejailnreak it. I had Catagories installed for the iNav theme. After the restore all the apps I had in Catagories are gone. I can't reinstall them from the App Store and their nowhere to be found on the phone. Do you think I'll be able to fix this after I jailbreak tonight?
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    2009-03-26 02:05 PM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    Yes, Rejailbreak as you normally do. Then install SB Settings and use the "more" feature "hide icons" then toggle the apps you want to show up. Respring the iphone. You might also need to go into the stock settings app and toggle restrictions on and off as well and reboot, although the first step fixed the problem for me.
    2009-03-26 03:13 PM