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    I am new and thick skinned so if I get it wrong then kicking me isnt a problem..

    Am in UK got brand new 3g never touched and am a little nervous of making a balls of it by following guides for 2g. Have skimmed through getting started and as yet dont need tunneling or any other die hard techniques.


    Its out the box connected to pooter via usb and I need to register it through itunes yes ?

    Which version of itunes has least bugs and is best to use.

    Now I have registered it and it goes ding dong what should I be doing next, are there good adods I should be seaking out.
    I will use it for gmail, usual phone stuff, it will be my only ipod, some surfing of the web.

    Sorry I a bit thick but you guys know the score.........


    2009-03-26 09:31 PM
  2. Piazza331's Avatar
    It sounds like the phone can already do most of the stuff you need to use it for. If you have it activated from iTunes, you should be good to go.

    As you get more comfortable with the phone, you may want to jailbreak it. That allows you to install applications that a program called Cydia puts out. It also allows you read/write access to your phone so that you have more control over what you can/can't put on the phone.

    Please hit thanks if helped
    2009-03-26 09:57 PM
  3. slay3r's Avatar
    Gr8 thanks for that, I do know apple tend to call the shots where the phone is concerned and can be a pain but I think I will cope as you say to begin with.

    Am I ok to use the latest itunes or would a different version be recomended.

    2009-03-26 10:03 PM
  4. Piazza331's Avatar
    You're fine with that.

    Shouldn't have any problems.
    2009-03-26 10:12 PM