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    I got my iPhone yesterday and I absolutely love it. I went to charge it last night and thought I would see if it would charge on my iPod charger. It said it was charging so I was happily surprised and I thought I would leave it there. I then wanted to mess with it (after it had been charging for about 10-15 minutes) and when I touched it, it was EXTREMELY hot! I mean, scalding hot, untouchable hot. I was SO shocked! I immediately unplugged it and clicked the home button and the screen looked warped in the area of the camera (that is where it was hottest). It was whiter there. I rubbed ice on the back and did whatever I could to cool it down. Finally when it was cool, I turned it back on and it seems to be normal, but the screen is still a little discolored and warped near the middle/upper half and the speakers are messed up now. The speakers crack and pop whenever they play a sound. What do you suggest I do? This really scared/scares me. I need to get this fixed. I bought it from AT&T on my AMEX card and bought the Square Trade insurance including accidental. Please help.

    Please help, I don't know what to do.
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    2007-09-16 07:09 AM
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    Take it to your local Apple Store, or call Apple if there isn't one in your area.
    2007-09-16 09:36 PM
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    dont call, they will hold u on the phone for 47547354354354 hours ... just go to an apple store and replace it cuz it seems bad by ur description... anyways just to let u know... it does heat up when u use it while u r chraging the phone... and sometimes it heats up randomally but its not that bad that u cant hold the phone
    2007-09-16 09:40 PM
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    They gave me a new iPhone to replace it. I am satisfied, I was charging it with a Firewire iPod charger which was the problem. Thanks for the help guys.
    2007-09-16 10:35 PM